Product Terms and Conditions

2M Wood Designs, LLC

Product Terms and Conditions

Information and disclaimer on wood products:  

2M Wood Designs, LLC uses the best wood available to craft your custom piece.  Each piece is sanded and prepared during the process.  The use of specialty wood such as Mahogany, etc., can be requested, however, a separate quote will be provided.

Information and disclaimer on paints and finishes:  

2M Wood Designs, LLC utilizes a variety of paints and stains to complete your custom looks.  Any colors viewed online should be confirmed during the purchase process to ensure the correct color is applied. Special requests for color combinations may result in an additional fee and will be confirmed prior to painting.

Information and disclaimer on bespoke items/sizes and commission pieces: Custom items that require additional design, wood, etc., will be commissioned utilizing contract to ensure all parties are in agreement on design, paint, and materials.  These projects, such as barn doors, require a deposit equal to the cost of materials.

Painted products: 

Painted projects are finished with a seal to guard against normal wear and tear.